Church of St. Francis from the 15th century

Our Lady of Gradina dating from the 6th century, rebuilt in the 17th century

Sv. Rok, 1760th year

Sv. Michael, reconstructed 1770th year

Colentum was first mentioned in the 1st century AD.

Tank, the remains of a Roman overhead tanks

Villa Rustica, the remains of a Roman cemetery, Shallow Wave

The ruins of the Franciscan monastery at island Moster, from the 12th century

The defense tower 1514th year. – Varos, Betina

Old Mill in the center of Betina

The old historical town of Betina


Shrine of Our Lady of Karavaj – every year on May 26 is the celebration

Church of the Holy Spirit, 1548

Archaeological site near the Church of St. Martin – were are found the walls of the villa rustica from 2/3th century, a basilica from 5th century, 900 graves from 15th century

Church of St. Roko, before 1651

Church of St. Andrew, 1606

Our Lady of Health, from 1722 year

Church of St. John of Trogir, 17th century

Church of St. Joseph in the field, 16th century

Church of St. Konstancij on the hill Kružak built in 1780

Church of St. Nicholas from the 15th century which has been badly damaged, and follows its renewal


Zdrače bay – local family beach with restaurants, boat rental, sand /concrete

Bilave beach – new local beach, gravel

Plitka Vala beach – restaurant, sand

beach Kosirina – fast food, cafe, rent a water bike, sand/rocks

Čigrađa Restaurant – Beach Bar & Pizzeria, kayak rental, sand, rocks

Slanica – Restaurant, Beach Bar & Pizzeria, Cafe, shops, activities for children, sand, rocks

Podvrske – Beach Bar

Luke – Beach Bar

and other coves for those who want peace in the corner of bays on the south side of the island, such as; Doci, Tužbine, Jasenovac, Koromašna, Murtarić etc.


St. Rok, 70 m

Raduč, 128 m

Gradina, 62 m

Kamenjak, PP Vransko jezero


Roca, Velim

Banovi dvori, Dubrava kod Tisnog

Moričevi dvori, Putičanje


Track along the seaside, 15.8 km – easy

Track best views, 5.8 km – middle

Track through the olive trees, 6.2 km – easy

Church Track 19.5 km – easy

Vrana Lake trail 50 km of bike trails


Farm Kukurin


Najada (Murter)

Nautilus (Betina)

Tramonto (Tisno)